Watch: This Waterslide Dumps You Into a Huge Canyon

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Devin Graham, a filmmaker and daredevil, has created a waterslide that would make most people cringe just thinking about it. This water slide isn’t something you can put in your backyard — it goes right off the side of a cliff, the U.K. Express reported.

This bizarre idea combines waterslides with base jumping — parachuting from a fixed point rather than an aircraft — into one terrifying adventure. Users ride the waterslide the edge of the cliff, then deploy a parachute before they hit the ground.

A video of the action is quite breathtaking to watch, and thanks to a camera mounted on the person who went over the edge, you can almost feel like you are experiencing it.

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You can watch a video of the base jumping/water slide combination here. (Caution: This may be disorienting for some people who have problems with heights.)

Graham is the founder of “Devin SuperTram,” a team that goes around the world doing incredibly amazing (and very dangerous) stunts that they upload to their YouTube channel.

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“Never been so nervous in my life!!!” Graham wrote beneath the video on YouTube.

Several of the comments on the video were from viewers who noted how terrifying the stunt was — especially considering there was nothing but solid ground 500 feet under the waterslide.

“This is like something from my dreams … and nightmares,” read one of the top comments .

Videos like these are fun to watch, but I’m just glad I’ll never have to do something like this in my entire life. I hope.

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