Watch: BBC Employee Caught Watching Vulgar Video While Live

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The internet exploded Thursday when a British TV cable news network accidentally aired racy footage of a woman bearing her breasts during a live broadcast.

During BBC’s “News At Ten,” anchor Sophie Raworth nonchalantly began her segment by recapping England’s cricket team and their victory in a South African sporting event.

Unbeknownst to her, an employee’s computer monitor over her right shoulder was playing what appeared to be pornography during the live segment.

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The video shows a woman stripping her clothes off in front of another male actor. While many are reporting it was pornography, several British outlets are claiming the scene was more than likely from a TV show or movie.

After an overwhelming amount of attention to the situation, an investigation has been launched into the situation to determine how the salacious content ended up airing on live television.

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A reported 3.8 million viewers watched the BBC program that evening, which doesn’t include the tens of thousands that pointed out the incident across social media.

BBC officials said they’re “establishing the facts” as they are trying to figure out how this happened.

This isn’t the first time BBC has had an on-air gaffe that went viral across social media, either. In May, BBC anchor Katty Kay said Europeans will “have to get used to” terror attacks after ISIS suicide bombers killed dozens and injured hundreds of people at a concert in Manchester, England.

In March, professor Robert Kelly’s interview on BBC went viral after his two younger children charged into his office and stole the show. During the Skype interview, Kelly apologizes after his 4-year-old daughter walks into the room during the interview.

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Just moments later, his 9-month-old son rolled in after his sister on a walker, which immediately drew laughs from the BBC anchor. As if the scene couldn’t get any funnier, Kelly’s wife abruptly ran into the room and pulled both kids out of the room while the dad tried his hardest to keep a straight face.

The moral of the story? Sometimes you truly never know what will happen on live television. Sophie Raworth is probably wishing her on-air debacle was a little less controversial, but at least she didn’t have anything to do with it.

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