Super Bowl for terrorists, North Korea’s nuclear program - and more!

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In this real news headlines update: Super Bowl for terrorists, North Korea’s nuclear program - and more! Things are starting to get heated around the world so keep an eye on news, and this channel for more missed headlines!

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UN Envoy Haley Vows US 'Won't Do Anything' Unless N Korean Leader Gives a Reason:

Car Bomb Explodes Near US Military Base in Eastern Afghanistan:

US Plan for the Middle East is to 'Change Borders of Two Dozen States':

Alibaba’s Jack Ma predicts decades of ‘pain’ ahead:

North Korea’s nuclear program linked to suburban London home:

'Super Bowl for terrorists' keeps US Homeland Security 'literally awake at night':

Trump, Xi Committed to Boost Cooperation on Denuclearizing Korea - White House:

US-Led Coalition Jets Bomb 10 Daesh Units Near Tabqa as Raqqa Op Continues: