Russian Navy to Receive 2 New Project 20360M Ships Before 2021

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s Navy will get two new Project 20360M armament transport ships before 2021, the country's Defense Ministry said Friday.

Earlier in the day, the main ship of the project was laid down at the Russian Vympel shipyard.

"Vympel will build two seagoing armament transport ships of the 20360M Project before 2021," the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry noted that the key vessel would be named "Gennady Dmitriev," adding that delivery of ammunition to Russian naval bases would be the ship’s main goal.

The ships of the project will also have reinforced hull, including a double bottom and sides.

Russian Vympel Shipbuilding Plant, based in the city of Rybinsk, has been operating since 1930 and supplies vessels for 29 states around the globe.