HEADLINES: North Korea Pushes Back With More Propaganda

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In this real news headlines update: These headlines are all about North Korea, the latest almost missed headlines from the last couple days and how North Korea is pushing back with more propaganda and even threatening to use nukes on Australia and on a U.S carrier - and more!

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=== [ Headlines and Links From This Video ] ===


Japan Should Boost Military Power to Respond to N Korean Threat - MP:


Japanese, South Korean, US Diplomats to Discuss North Korean Nuclear Issue:


Australia Urges N Korea to Focus on Welfare Instead of Nuclear Weapons:


DPRK Could Use Nuclear Arms Against Australia Amid 'Toeing the Line' of US:


North Korean Authorities Arrest US National Engaged in Humanitarian Assistance:


3rd US citizen arrested, remains detained in N. Korea – report:


N. Korea ready to sink US aircraft carrier with a ‘single strike’ – official paper:


Mattis Dismisses North Korean Threats as Watchdog Site Says Nuke Test Zone Ready: